KA sees its clients as “creative partners,” not a contractor-contractee relationship. We firmly commit ourselves to achieve clients’ goal together through architectural design.

Our ideal design is a combination of particularity and universality, which cultivates a new design trend and attracts people worldwide. That is to say; our solution to specific clients solves not only their specific problems but also ubiquitous issues in the world.

We use an approach which is open to discoveries: exploring all the possible solutions to extract the best solution to each project, without falling into formalism or common styles.

KAMIYA ARCHITECTS is a group of enthusiastic people who hope to make the clients feel excited in every single meeting and presentation throughout both the entire design process and architecture as an outcome.


Founder, Creative Director,
1st‑class certificated Architect,
Master Arch.

Shuhei was born in 1982 in a family, which owns traditional Kimono shop
at Toyohashi city, Aichi prefecture, and grew up surrounded by nature and
traditional crafts.

He started studying basics of architecture in 2001 at Waseda University. In
Master degree, he studied self‑build and open‑ended system, while he
won some of the renowned design awards in Japan, such as SD Review
and the Best Master Thesis Project Prize in Japan.

After the graduation in 2007, he worked at Kengo Kuma and Associate for
nine years and learned the importance of traditional and regional aspects.
As Chief Architect, he shared the pleasure of discovering innovative
architecture and products with both Japanese and international clients.

In 2016, he joined BIG in Copenhagen as a senior architect,
established by Bjarke Ingels, one of the best young contemporary architects.
Shuhei worked as project leader of international competitions
and project architect of large‑scale high‑rise buildings.
In addition to this role, he researched Nordic culture to bring back
the essence to Japan, using the program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs
of the Japanese Government.

Throughout the experience in Denmark, he resolved himself to
establish his firm, KAMIYA ARCHITECTS, back in Japan. This new firm started with unique concept:
“Making good architecture with client to achieve their long-term success and improve living environment around at the same time.”


2006SD Review by Kajima Institute Publishing/ SD Prize
2006JT Smoking Style Competition / First Runner-Up
2007Waseda University Ono Azusa Memorial Award in the Field of Art
2007Best Master Thesis Projects (Tokyo Kenchiku Collection) /First Prize
2014Urban Design Cultural Award / First Prize
2016Japan Wood Design Award
2022Japan Institute of Architects Architecture Selection
2022Architectural Institute of Japan, Young Architect Award

As designer at Kengo Kuma and Associates

2015JCD Design Award / First Runner-Up (Kayanoya in Nihonbashi)
2015Wood Architecture Award by Fukuoka Prefecture / First Prize (Kyushu Geibun Kan Museum Annex)
2016Architectural Institute of Japan / Selected Architectural Designs (Kyushu Geibun Kan Museum Main Building)
2016The Japan Institute of Architects / Excellent Building Selection 100 (Kyushu Geibun Kan Museum Main Building)
2016Japan Wood Design Award (TSUMIKI)


His career includes a variety of experiences.



    Multiple programs such as Museum, hotel, retail, hotel, ranging from super small to Large scale.

  • ©Yoshie Nishikawa


    Temporary house, Artworks, Teahouse.

  • Products

    Inventing “Japanese Lego” using its local wood, holding workshops in Japan and Europe.

  • Lecture and Research

    Researching into nordic design culture and cities through interviews with creators and curators.


    Japanese craftsmanship

    Re-branding of local Japanese culture through designs.

  • ©Morotsuka-son

    Creative Direction and Design Consulting

    Supporting local municipalities and companies in creative and design aspects.


photos by nanako ono


4-10-4, Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
CEO: Shuhei Kamiya
1st‑class certificated architectural firm
Registration No. 356327

1. Design and architecture, landscape, masterplan
2. Design of renovation project.
3. Architectural strategic consultation and branding
4. Pavilion Design
5. Product Design
6. Publication and translation in the field of architecture and design
7. Lecture and Workshop in the field of architecture and design