“Sculpture created from the urban environment.”

It is a plan for an apartment building with a tenant store on the first floor.

Due to the nature of an investment housing complex, it was required to create a design with additional value while ensuring the maximum volume without waste.

The site is in contact with the main road and the pedestrian bridge on two front sides, making it extremely difficult to ensure privacy in the most public directions. On the second and higher floors, a concrete look with no windows is created in this direction, while the balconies of the dwelling units are provided on the two sides of smaller roads to ensure privacy for all dwelling units. It was also found that the upper part was scrapped by the shade regulation. As a result, the overall volume naturally becomes a solid sculptural shape with respect to the front due to the surrounding environmental conditions.

The entrance is also sculptural to match the overall geometric rhythm. The shape that opens to the outside creates an entrance scale that is not found in ordinary apartments.

In addition, the frontal look without a feeling of residence makes it a special façade for stores on the ground. Such sculptural shapes stand out as extraordinary shapes in the city because they abandon vague solutions such as openings + louvres that are usually found.